Thursday, October 06, 2005

Singapore Searches for Ronald McDonald

A team of highly-sophisticated sleuths have dedicated themselves to tracking down Ronald McDonald, wherever he may be (as long as he is in a Singapore McDonald's restaurant).

MiChi Tubbit Mijikoi Xomaeira, the proprietors (self-described "Ronald McDonald groupies") of "Ronald McDonalds In Singapore", a photo blog based on Fotopages, declares their mission as, "Tracking down Ronald at various McDonald's outlets in Singapore." Note: they throw in a few extra-Singaporean sightings to boot.

This silly site (and we mean that in a good way) offers up more than simple sightings. It delves into funny and friendly moments between friends, and offers some musings on the various McDonald's locations throughout Singapore (one of the McChronicles' favorite places for McDonald's dining), to McDonald's-related news items, to another site focused on
Ronald McDonald statues. Heck, the Colonel even makes a few appearances!

Check out what the girls are up to - and tell them The McChronicles sent you!

Image: Ronald McDonalds In Singapore blog

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