Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Interactive Virtual 360-Degree Tour of New McDonald's in Amsterdam

In a previous McChronicles post we shared images (like the one at the right) of a hot new McDonald's in Amsterdam, Netherlands. First, we'd like to say that Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth - one of our favorites. Please pay it a visit if you get the chance.

Secondly, we'd like to say WOW! We're excited because one of our loyal fans just turned us on to a virtual, interactive 360-degree tour of the very same awesome new McDonald's in Amsterdam.

When you're checking this out, be sure to click on the little golden arches and the red arrows for extra goodies. This is what the internet is all about - allowing us much more freedom to learn and explore. We don't know who posted this, but we're glad they did the work and allowed us to check it out. On top of the cool technology, this is one awesome McDonald's.

Once again, big Dank U to Jan-Willem for the tip.
Top Image: The McDonald's Netherlands Website

Bottom Image: Screen Grab from the tour site

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Jan-Willem said...

Sorry I should have mentioned that, the webtour is part of the McDonald's website in the Netherlands, at http://www.mcdonalds.nl