Friday, October 14, 2005

Utica New York's Coolest McDonald's

Utica, New York's Mohawk Street McDonald's (store # 5340) has a lot going for it. Located in the ethnic East Utica part of town, this restaurant offers a peppy and spirited crew.

It also serves a very diverse demographic, so the patrons are always interesting. Case in point, during this visit a young Venezuelan retail entrepreneur introduced herself to our focus group and asked to look over our Monopoly pieces (she is hoping to win the Viper). This led to that and we quickly learned all about her jewelry store in a nearby shopping mall. AWESOME!

The McChronicles highly recommends this "neighborhood"-feeling McDonald's.

Here is our first video blog (a McDonald's vlog) - a crude and quick tour of the simple but zesty McDonald's.

Video: The McChronicles

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