Tuesday, April 03, 2007

World's Longest McDonald's Drive-Thru Experience

OK - we're sure you have an even longer story to describe to us, but did you capture it on video?

The McChronicles was in a hurry - heading home when we got a call. Someone needed a couple McDonald's chicken sandwiches pronto. We wheeled into the local store expecting a two-minute detour. When we saw only two cars in line in front of us, we knew we were golden. Alas, it wasn't to be.

The culprit? Chicken!

McDonald's has been having trouble keeping ready-to-go chicken in inventory. That's one reason why they developed the Snack Wrap - to add to the demand - to keep the inventory in action. It's not working well enough.

Here's why (prepare to be bored silly, as we were while enduring this loooong, painful wait).

This excerpted quote is from this week's QSR (quick service restaurant) Magazine.com:

"Two weeks ago you read about service horror stories. Many of you emailed more instances as well (see below). However, to truly create a service culture, you need to create the service legends within your company. You too can be the "Nordstrom's" of quick-service or fast casual. Here are a few great stories of customer service excellence:
  • Customer gets parked in the drive-thru as the chicken tenders are "being fried up fresh" (not "we ran out"). Employee brings the order to the car and lets the customer know they brought them a larger-sized drink and fries for the inconvenience. Now that's service!"
As you saw from the video, there were no legends created on this day.

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