Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Mac: Inside THe McDonald's Empire (repeat)

CNBC (American channel) is running this old show again. The McChronicles posted about it when we first saw it this summer.

We would like to repeat this sentiment:

It bothers us that most anti-McDonald's people point out that certain McDonald's items aren't high-quality foods while:

  • ignoring the fact that some McDonald's offerings are, in fact, excellent choices
  • failing to mention that EVERY mainstream grocery store also offers items which are not high-quality foods
We all know that the critics are blind to these issues since it does little to suit their purposes or gain them their 15 minutes of fame.

Be sure to check out the show's special detailed website which offers:

  • program highlights
  • a video gallery
  • background on the show host
We would love to know what you thought of the CNBC McDonald's special report. Please comment.

The McChronicles couldn't find a show replay schedule on the CNBC website.

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Image: CNBC website

Saturday, January 12, 2008

McChronicles Interview

SoCal's FAST FOOD MAVEN interviewed The McChronicles, to share our top 5 McDonald's wishes for 2008 with their Anaheim, California readers.

As you may know, we really savor the total McDonald's experience, so our answers just may surprise you a bit.

Read The McChronicles interview.

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Image: Fast Food Maven website.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

McDonald's: Perfect Time To REEBOK Burger King

Nike Shox RULED the athletic shoe (sneaker, trainer) world.

Somewhere, off in the distance, Reebok and their man, Terry Tate, were busy selling their shoes.

Nike did it again, another awesome commercial, featuring a streaker at a football (soccer) match. The ad was simply fantastic, mesmerising. Some said it was unbeatable.

In one week, Reebok answered with one of the most memorable ads ever. Terry Tate REEBOKED Nike. AWESOME!

Fast forward to today's Burger King Whopper Freakout. The McChronicles must admit, it is an awesome concept and ad. Here is the 7-minute Whopper Freakout backstory. Here is the 30-second Whopper Freakout commercial.

With tons of time to react, and with the Super Bowl looming, it is the perfect situation for McDonald's to "REEBOK" Burger King.

Come on McDonald's! Do it for your fans.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Most Unique McDonald's In The World

The Travel Channel (USA) is running a show about the Top 10 Most Unique McDonald's in the world.

Peter Holden, billed as the Number One McDonald's Fan, leads the viewer on a tour. He claims to have visited nearly 12,000 McDonald's!

During the show we learned:
  • there are >30,000 McDonald's operating worldwide.
  • the oldest operating McDonald's is in Downey California, USA.
  • there is a McDonald's PlayPlace in Dallas, Texas, USA that is designed to look like a Happy Meal. The show declares this to be the happiest McDonald's in the world.
  • there is a diner in the Lafayette, Indiana, USA McDonald's. It has over 120 menu items not offered at any other McDonald's. Sounds interesting but gimmicky.
  • Peter Holden has NOT yet been to the Arctic Circle McDonald's in Pitea, Sweden. Customers there hit the drive-thru on snowmobiles!
  • Montreal, Canada is the home of the world's most unique McDonald's Cafe. There's a regular McD next door if the gourmet latte isn't enough!
  • a two-storey McDonald's in Orlando, Florida, USA houses a mega-PlayPlace which hosts over 750 birthday parties per year. Pizza is available. Upstairs offers an arcade and a huge maze.
  • The Roma, Italy McDonald's sits in the center of this great city. It is the most opulent McDonald's in the show - and maybe the world. This store has >800 seats! Their Big Macs are reportedly the most expensive in the world.

The McChronicles loved seeing some of the restaurants we have visited, especially the Times Square (New York City) store which, reportedly, has the largest McDonald's kitchen in the world. We also were quite interested in the stores that we have yet to enjoy.

The show will run through February 2008. Here is the schedule of next showings.
Check it out if you can.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Flying Fry Ad

McDonald's has released a new ad, called Flying Fry, in specific US markets, aimed at Hispanic youth, "Lateens".

According to an email from Tremor Media:

"The campaign, which debuted Jan. 1 in 16 markets across the U.S., also includes
radio and rich media banner ads. "
The McChronicles' first reaction to the ad was that it doesn't seem to have any particular "Lateen" uniqueness to it (admittedly, The McChronicles is pretty clueless on the topic, so the signals may have been missed). We then settled with thinking, "Kind of cool". But, slowly, we got the feeling we'd seen it all before. Then it hit us, "Showdown" from 1993. This ad reminds us strongly of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird making their wild cross-town shots with a basketball. Replace our stars with two kids, the ball with a french fry, the hoop with a mouth, ... and you are an advertising genius, we guess. Hey, maybe one of these kids will parlay this into a Hanes underwear ad contract!

Deeper reaction:
  • The MAIN thing McDonald's gets grilled for is health issues. The PRIME offender is the french fry (still not removed the trans fats???).
  • The product they're advertising? French Fries!!! And they're targeting an audience who is struggling with reducing fat in their diet!!!
Who thought this was a better idea than an ad featuring how buying a salad at McDonald's helps the local Ronald McDonald House?

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