Sunday, September 11, 2005


In a previous posting the McChronicles noted a McDonald's bicycle in China. We assumed it was for deliveries but have never been able to confirm this. We were unable to locate the bike during a recent trip to China. Here is a previously-posted image of the bike.

The McChronicles just paid a visit to Singapore to investigate the latest McDonald's activities on that beautiful island state. We were long-aware that McDonald's deliveries are a standard activity, so we decided to test it out - in a big way. We threw a party that required a total of three delivery vehicles.

The large, complex order detail was handled via fax, to insure accuracy. Interestingly, since Singapore enjoys great weather, and for a variety of other reasons, many delivery vehicles are motorcycles. This case was no exception. The drivers were well-dressed in clean uniforms, very friendly, and helpful. These independent contractors had a seemingly-great allegiance to McDonald's and were exemplary representatives.
Our lunch arrived in style, on schedule, and contained in well-sealed, insulated packs. Surprisingly, the beverages were quite cold, with a lot of ice remaining (since Singapore is just 1-degree north of the equator it is HOT). Only the fries suffered (as they always do - everywhere - when there is a lag in time between cooking and eating). The price for the food and the service was fair.

The McChronicles is a great fan of this McDonald's delivery feature. It isn't a viable service everywhere, but it works great when the situation warrants.

Images: McChronicles