Monday, October 24, 2005

Bag A McMeal

A very simple and valuable diet tool is available on the McDonald's website. The Bag A McMeal tool provides a very easy way to determine the nutritional characteristics of various McDonald's meals that you can assemble online.

To take advantage of this awesome resource, a user simply operates an easy-to-use pulldown menu to select a menu category (eg. sandwiches), chooses a specific menu item from the category, adds the specific menu item(s) to the "bag", then clicks for the nutritional facts.

The site is very well designed, looks great, works great, and most importantly, enables the user to make informed decisions regarding their menu.

Additionally, the site also offers a variety of other nutritional resources including tips on heart health from Dr. Dean Ornish, balanced eating guidelines from Oprah's personal trainer, Bob Greene, and much more.

Name another restaurant that offers this excellent tool.

Image: McDonald's website

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