Friday, July 25, 2008

Wall Street (Manhattan) McDonald's

OK, it's not really on Wall Street, it's on Broad Street, but it's where the Wall Street crowd hangs when they feel the need for a McD hookup.

A FOTM (friend of The McChronicles) - let's refer to him as "code name: Ian" - accepted an assignment and dropped by the financial headquarter's McDonald's this week. Here is his report, accompanied by some photos he captured with his phone, now known as "the McDonald's cam":

From the outside the "Wall Street" (actually Broad Street) McDonald's looks more like a bank or brokerage firm, however, upon entry you realize that it is surely your regular old McDonald's. The urban myth that there are waiters and table service in the "Wall Street" McDonald's is simply not true. The service format is just like every
McDonald's location I have been to.

There are several notable things that distinguish this location from others. First, diners can sit and look out the big front windows and see tourists and commuters streaming off of the Staten Island Ferry. If you're lucky (as I was today) you might catch a concert going on in front of the One New York Building across the street. Another impressive feature of this McDonald's is its large capacity. Although meager when compared to the Times Square (Manhattan) location, the upstairs dinning room has seating for over 200 hundred people.

The one thing I found most impressive is McDonald's
unyielding commitment to add a touch of local culture to its restaurants. In true New York fashion, the "Wall Street" McDonald's was crowded, loud, and, instead of service with a smile, you are more likely to get service with scowl and an undistinguishable accent.

Overall I enjoyed my experience, even though there is nothing truly special about this location. I would definitely leave it off a world tour of the coolest McDonald's (the Times Square restaurant would probably be the top priority while in NYC). If you're looking for a place to eat lunch to "get away", or to plain old avoid all the stuffy Wall
Street types, this is the place to go. I would even go as far as to say it is the melting pot of the financial district with a more socio-economically diverse crowd than the upscale soup and sandwich places that are ubiquitous in this section of New York City.

Thanks, Ian (code name). Speaking for The McChronicles fans worldwide, we appreciate your insight into this intriguing McDonald's restaurant.

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Images: FOTM "Ian"

HOT McNUGGETS? No Problem For This Mom

Amanda H. at the SHAMELESSLY SASSY blog is a mom on the go.

She's also a mom with a secret ... she feeds her young daughter the occasional McDonald's McNugget - in the car!

At first this doesn't seem too surprising .. until she reveals how she overcomes the "too hot" McNugget before presenting it to her backseat, strapped-in child. It is a bit surprising to learn that she jams the McNuggets into her car's AC vents!

Most surprising are the numerous comments that cropped up after she made this revealing admission. Wow! There are a lot of like-minded McNugget-cooling people out there. Who would have thought?

Though nearly ALL comments are positive and supportive, at least one person was a little sympathetic to the car.

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Image: screen grab from shamelessly sassy blog.

Friday, July 11, 2008

McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew Videos

The following info was submitted to The McChronicles by Joe Curry, Supervisor, Global Web Communications, Corporate Communications, McDonald's Corporation:

For the Beijing Games, McDonald’s invited the Olympic Champion Crew to create a short video expressing their Olympic spirit in just five words. The top 25 videos have been posted to and will be displayed online for four weeks leading up to the Olympic Games where the public can vote for their favorites. The winners will be announced in Beijing.

About the Olympic Champion Crew
As the largest employer in the quick service restaurant industry, McDonald’s has a rich history of providing opportunities to the 1.6 million people they employ worldwide. The McDonald’s Olympic Champion Crew program is a unique example of the recognition, reward and opportunities the company provides its employees. For the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, 1,400 of McDonald’s best-of-the-best restaurant employees from 36 countries will travel to Beijing to serve the world’s best athletes and thousands of others at McDonald’s four new Olympic venue restaurants. While in China, the crew will experience the excitement of the Games, visit cultural sites and meet their peers from around the world.

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Image: screen grab of McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew logo.