Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Thrill Is Gone

The South Utica (NY) McDonald's (store #: 18030) was the scene of a very special McChronicles moment several years ago. We co-celebrated a friend's birthday AND the grand opening of the (then) world's newest McDonald's.

Fast forward to today.

Though the site makes the very best of a potentially-tough location (in fact the setting is now quite beautiful - kudos the McDonald's site team for that), the interior has degraded to the point where it really is looking poor. A recent visit exposed us to chipped paint on chairs and torn seating.

We go to McDonald's to feel good. This store is beginning to drag us down (reminding us of
a similar McChronicles report on the same subject).

Time to spruce things up in South Utica, PLEASE.

Image: Ripped seating: The McChronicles

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