Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rosemont, Illinois McDonald's: Always A Delight

Quoting The McChronicles: Rosemont Rocks!

We said that a while back, after our first visit to this awesome McDonald's. This store has some magic - and every McDonald's should tune in and try to grab some for themselves. Here's the deal:

Walking into the store, it seems like any other - nothing special. Then, you notice the cleanliness - this place is really tidy. Second, you spot the crew - bright, white shirts ... ties ... clean hair ... smiles ... very professional looking. They look you in the eye, they speak politely. They seem happy. Mind you, this is all going on at 9:30 PM on a Tuesday night.

You sit at your table enjoying your meal, and you see that the crew works very well together. They respect each other, they say "please" and "thank you" to each other. They smile and joke. And they work! One young man was taking drive-thru orders on his headset, typing in the orders, AND cleaning the counter. He also delivered the order.

The condiment area (always a McChronicles concern) is super tidy (just like the last visit).
The McChronicles chatted with a young crew member who shared that this store is run by a man named Denny Stabile. We were told that the management inspires the crew to relax and be themselves. Denny obviously shows a lot of respect and appreciation to his team - because that's what shows through to the customer. This young man also shared that he counts all the crew as friends - he makes a point to chat with coworkers on the way into his shift, as well as on the way home when new crew are coming in. Kudos to Denny for teaching this team these great skills, and for enabling them to share them with the customers.
The McChronicles would like to say a huge THANKS to the owners, managers, and crew of the Rosemont McDonald's. They set the bar very high - and show us how a McDonald's experience should play out.
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Images: The McChronicles.

Chicago O'Hare Airport McDonald's: Terminal H

The McChronicles usually flies UNITED through Chicago. This time it was decided to take American Airlines - the result was a visit to TERMINAL "H" and a new McDonald's experience.

This McDonald's is in a delightful food court - very bright and well decorated. There are plenty of places to eat and it is quite clean.

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Images: The McChronicles.