Monday, October 03, 2005

Let's Reebok BK!

Who in America can forget that riveting and scandalous TV commercial that depicted (and we quote from an archived USA Today article), "a pale British streaker, clad only in a pair of Nike Shox NZ shoes and a scarf, races across the field and through the stands during a London soccer game. His Shox keep him a step ahead of British bobbies and guards." It was powerful - and it established the new order in the sneaker world. View the Nike streaker ad.

But ... within a few days ... WHAM!!!
We were stunned to see the Reebok video response. Quoting AdRants' review of the Reebok ad, "... the Nike streaker does his usual thing running across the field and in the stands until, suddenly, Terry Tate springs across the screen and tackles him. Terry tackles the Streaker and, in essence, Reebok tackles Nike. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant."

Wouldn't McDonald's fans love to see a similar response to the NFL Burger King commercial? Those ads ( number one and number two) are great. Micro Persuasion's Steve Rubel puts it very succinctly on his blog, "You know they're good because they are generating a lot of conversation." The McChronicles thinks McDonald's is better. The question is, does McDonald's think they are better?

Come on McDonald's! Get Ronald out of the library and onto the gridiron. Let's "Reebok" BK!

UPDATE 05 October: Perhaps legal action by McDonald's against Burger King for a similar incident is why McDonald's wouldn't consider "Reeboking" Burger King. But the rules are different in the USA. Witness the Jimi Hendrix Pepsi-Coke Crossroads ad. Go for it!

Terry Tate Response: Ad Rants

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