Saturday, October 08, 2005

Miss McDonald Returns to the McChronicles

We admit it, The McChronicles pays the occasional visit to the Miss McDonald website. We also admit that her activity seems just plain strange. But who are we to judge?

Is she taking her love for Ronald McDonald too far? Has McDonald's tried to stop her activities? Did her dentist give her a clean bill of health? We want to know!

One thing we do know, she gets a ton of comments from some pretty loyal followers. For example,
socratic_irony writes, "you, miss, are adorable. even more so because you remind me of home." We're guessing she means THE home - but we see she hails from the Philippines, just like Miss McDonald. Perhaps ThatNickGuy said it best when he added, "She's alive!! ALIVE!!! ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!*Evil cackle*" .

Image: Miss McDonald

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