Tuesday, October 18, 2005

McDonald's Inner Child Gets It

We agree, McDonald's "Inner Child" ad series really gets it. But, just as we wonder about the adults in the commercial, we wonder if McDonald's gets it.

Australian Blogger Duncan McLeod does a great job reviewing the McDonald's Australia advertisements, so we'll leave the details in his capable hands. Our point is this, The McChronicles exists due to our having bought the McDonald's message as kids. We guess that you did, too. So, here we go, walking in to our umpteenth McDonald's, hoping to realize the dream. Our inner child longs for a perfectly-clean dining room, a fresh-faced, squeaky-clean high schooler behind the counter, and food that is heartwarming as well as fast and tasty. We hope because that's not what we typically get.

Throughout this blog we have repeatedly expressed our disappointment with congenitally-ripped seating, chipped and rusty chair legs, chronically-soiled tables, and a host of "straws" that serve to break the proverbial camel's back. What keeps us ever hopeful is the fact that even we consumers can see that there is much for which to hope. After all, appointing someone to be responsible for dining room cleanliness is easy. Getting someone to be responsible for furniture maintenance is easy. Getting people to truly possess and exhibit a positive attitude is easy. The McChronicles staff has worked in factories, offices, and related organizations that have achieved this. And all the hopeful brand-buyers know it is possible, too.

So, McDonald's "
Inner Child" gets it. Those of us who bought into the message have ALWAYS got it. Will someone at McDonald's please get it, and get back to basics.

We don't want
Monopoly games - does anyone even consider for one second that they will drive off in a new Viper? And we don't want another silk-screened 24-ounce plastic cup. Our inner child wants things just the way they've been promised. Get it?

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