Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fast Food Halloween

In a slight turn of The Monster Mash, or of today's American Express "rogue's gallery of commercial mascots" we now have iconic fast food icons serving as Halloween characters.

The ubiquity of the fast food lifestyle, pervasive throughout nearly everyone's life, makes these spokespeople characters excellent personnae for Halloween parties.

Of course, the characters are so well known that they can only be pulled off using the most professional costumes. And in this case, it seems to have been done perfectly.

The McChronicles applauds the costumes depicting Jack In The Box's Jack, McDonald's Ronald McDonald, and Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders.

Thanks to David Krane of Kraneland for this holiday tribute to fast food.



Jan-Willem said...

They seem somewhat lost without the King ;-)

McChronicles said...

Maybe he was taking the picture?