Monday, October 03, 2005

Sarasota, Florida: A USA Top 100 McDonald's

A McChronicles team had the recent pleasure of visiting one of America's Top 100 McDonald's. This gem is in Sarasota, Florida at 6347 S. Tamiami Trail (not to be confused with other McDonald's in the area).

  • Line Wait: 0 seconds
  • Order Wait: (Big Mac Value Meal): 60 seconds
  • Quality: Very Good
  • Service: Good, Warm
  • Cleanliness: Good
  • Time: 2PM
  • Store: 1413

Our original plan was to sample the Drive Thru, but the exterior looked so plain that we simply HAD to explore the interior. The seashore motif was light and playful.

The store was very clean, the service was friendly (not too inspired), and the food was just what we hoped for.

We don't know the performance criteria required to become a Top 100 restaurant, but this store really didn't feel special.

Bottom line - we got exactly what the brand promises: Fast food, nice staff, clean environment, and a great lunch.

Images: The McChronicles


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McChronicles said...

While The McChronicles offers no pins, perhaps some McDonald's people might?