Thursday, October 27, 2005

Drive-Thru Disaster

The McChronicles road team had a busy afternoon schedule today, so we headed to the South Utica, NY (Genesee St., store #18030) for a quick, late lunch.

It was after 2PM when we pulled in and the drive-thru line was empty. By the time we set up our camera, several cars had queued up in front of us. That's how fast it can happen. We got on line and, well, let the video do the talking.

Two things need to be said here:

1) This was a random occurrence. We had no plan to be at this location at this time. Nor did we plan to video this. It all just fell into place.

2) There are two breaks in the video: one while receiving the food (at about 2:10 into the video) and just before reviewing the food (at about 4:55 into the video). Therefore, there would logically be suspicion regarding "tampering" with the facts. Rest assured that there was no tampering. This is exactly what happened.

Well, as you saw, there was a major error made somewhere in the process. We obviously received the wrong order.
We ordered:
-two hamburgers
-medium Coke

We received:
-one chicken sandwich
-one Big Mac
-one regular fries
-one large fries
-one large Sprite

The crew person didn't make 5 "item" errors, they just made one "order" error.

The issues were:
1) we used a gift card and received no special receipt indicating the new balance on the card (that receipt is usually given)
2) we don't know how much credit was taken off our gift card
3) we were given some other person's order
4) presumably someone else received our order
5) it took a bit longer than the video depicts due to the editing

This is an extremely rare event based on our multitude of experiences. It just happened to occur while the camera was running.

We were really running late, so we just ate part of what was in the bag.

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