Sunday, October 16, 2005

The McChronicles Appeals To Worldwide McDonald's Fans

Based on this graph (copied directly from our website analysis program this morning) The McChronicles continues to be of interest to readers from around the world.

The accompanying map indicates where the most recent 100 readers actually logged in from (the red dot represents the last person to log on - in this case a reader from St. Louis, Missouri, USA). Remember, these are just snapshots of a moment in time.

Obviously McDonald's has made an impression nearly everywhere in the world. And their brand now resides in each and every one of us. Global consumers care about McDonald's.

So, WELCOME to readers worldwide. Please continue letting us know how you feel about your experiences with McDonald's. Your consumer voice is important (and fun).

Images: McChronicles


Anonymous said...

Hello guys,

i´am a 30 year old male from the Area of Frankfurt in Germany and love your Site.
Some weeks ago I noticed you visited China and your report about the McD business going on there, at this point i tought these globetrotters would some day arrive in Germany? So, if you guys are someday in the future in Germany, take a very close look at the German McDonald´s and their system of changing the metal-shields of the products that indicate the holding time of the burgers. In most german McD Stores you get way too old burgers (30-60 minutes) and as a customer you have your hard work telling the clerk your order without repeating it three times.

I hope you get quite well along with my english and maybe one day you will be visiting Germany, if so, i would love to show you some interesting places if you are in Frankfurt.

Kai Barthel

Anonymous said...

my Email adress: