Saturday, October 29, 2005

McDonald's Crew Feedback: BE NICE

In a comment to a previous McChronicles posting, a McDonald's crew member shared some thoughts and suggestions.

Interestingly," Tiz" has little to remark about regarding management or the company. What seems to weigh on the mind of this crew member is the way (s)he is treated by us - the customer.

Tiz said, "For the most part, if I could only get one and one thing ONLY across to would have to be that being nice gets you a long way as opposed to yelling at me and being rude. Sure, I am a lowly mcdonalds employee, but I'm also human, I will make errors, but I'll also apologize and do my best to fix it, just be kind, as I have feelings too."

And how rude are we? These are the thoughts that go through the head of this front end person while preparing for work, "Will it be busy today? Will someone curse at me today? Am I going to have a good today? "

In spite of our rudeness, Tiz has this to say about the job, "I am honestly thankful and so glad to have had the chance to work there. "

To Tiz, and to all crew members, worldwide,
The McChronicles offers full appreciation for the great work you do. We're glad you work at McDonald's. Here's hoping your next shift is a great one.

Image: screen grab from
McDonald's website

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