Thursday, October 20, 2005

McChronicles As A McDonald's Consumer Evangelist

The McChronicles has been described as a "consumer evangelist" before. Today we awake to hear a similar description from the people at Church of the Customer Blog.

On behalf of all the loyal customers out here looking to match the expectations with the experience, we thank Ben McConnell for the attention and the mention. We appreciate that he captured our passion FOR McDonald's and didn't distort things into a negative place. Very good work. We have heard Ben speak before. It is no surprise that he is this professional.

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Anonymous said...

I started McDonald's 3 yrs ago started on the grill,I got promoted to shift mgr in just 6mo.I love my job, but things are hard its very stressful your job has very high expection,very few mgr actually care about the store they want there check and that's it I go to work in the hopes that I will have my own store one day how do you do a great job when no one cares.even when I do a great job it always goes un noticed