Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Hartford, NY McDonald's Amazes The McChronicles

A focus group of four adult males visited the New Hartford, NY McDonald's recently - the service was simply awesome.

The small line moved fast - we were waited on before we were even ready. The focus order was a Big Mac value meal with no cheese. It was ready before we had even put the change in our pocket!

Line Wait: 45 seconds
Order Wait: (Big Mac Value Meal - no cheese): 30 seconds
Quality: Very Good
Service: Good, Warm, Pleasant
Cleanliness: Good
Time: 12:35PM
Store: 825

In mid-September we noticed that this store had several new faces at the counter and in the back (some managers remained the same). On one visit we counted 6 people we'd never seen before. The McChronicles guesses this must be due to the back-to-school time of year. We speculate this MUST be very disruptive to providing great service. We simply haven't had a problem due to new people.

The staff at this restaurant always seems very positive and energetic - and everyone we meet there seems quite pleasant. We recommend this store.

So, the right people are in place - and they're doing things right. Now it is up to the management to continue to enable this great crew to excel.

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