Monday, January 31, 2005

A Nice Warm Winter Day at the Clinton, NY McDonald's. Posted by Hello

Very Nice Experience

Online: 0.5 minutes Order Wait: 2.25 minutes Quality: Great!

My college son and I were able to meet at the Clinton, NY McDonald's for a late lunch today. He was on his way home from college and had some time for Dad. As we approached the store I was alert for dangerous sidewalk conditions and the typical winter lobby mud/slush disaster. I was pleasantly surprised to see none of this. The place looked great.

The lobby was empty and we were greeted after 30 seconds by a very friendly worker. The food was quick and tasty. This was a super experience.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Typical Mess

Online: 3.50 minutes Order Wait: ~3 minutes Quality: Poorly assembled

We were at the local mall this Sunday so my high school son and I decided to grab a quick bite at McDonald's. I secured a table, he bought the food. When he returned he said, "You're not going to be happy."

He was referring to the way the mustard, ketchup, etc. were smeared all over the inside of the hamburger wrapper. He knows I have a critical eye for quality and it was easy to see that this wrapping job was not too good. The funny thing is that the store was not busy - a very small line and an apparently normal amount of workers. Why is it OK for their product to look like a disaster? Would anyone buy a pair of Nikes with the insole smeared around the inside and onto the box?


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