Tuesday, October 11, 2005

McDonald's Blog: Live From McDonald's

"I attracted some attention from customers as I was moving around trying to find a better signal. Four young, professional looking guys asked if I was a student at the nearby DeVry location (I'm not). They were pretty wowed by the keyboard and wireless and the whole nine yeards. Then some high-school kids wondered if it was a real computer and if I worked for McDonalds to get the Wi-Fi access (I don't)."

A live blog posted from a McDonald's - using their Wi-Fi.

The author goes on to cite leather couches, a flat-screen TV, stone veneer, and a fireplace as some of the accoutrements at the upscale McDonald's he is posting from.

Image: WiFiBroadbandNetworks.com


Jan-Willem said...

What is so special about blogging at a McDonald's besides the description of the restaurant? I blog every day at Burger King. Over here every McDonald's has wifi...

McChronicles said...

Increasingly less and less is "special". We wanted to capture this event to depict the current stage of evolution.

Many people can claim to already use wi-fi at location A, B, C... But think about the per centage of people who do not yet do so. Jan-Willem, whether you know it or not, you are in a tecchie minority. Today you are a pioneer.

Someday this posting wil seem odd - but today it is stil a bit advancd (for some0.

THANK YOU for sharing with us. Your input is ALWAYS meaningful.