Thursday, October 30, 2008

McDonald's International Media Days 2008: Review

The McChronicles was offered a tremendous opportunity to experience McDonald's International Media Days 2008. What a better way to bring interesting information to the "customers" who are the very heart of our mission: "Chronicling the McDonald's Brand Experience From The Customers' Point Of View." We seized the chance and did our best to both experience the event and share it all with you in seven separate postings (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven).

The single most frequent question we've been asked is, "Well, what did you learn?" Then, that question is retracted in fear that The McChronicles will go on and on and never stop talking (and we could). The question is rephrased as, "What is the ONE THING you learned?"

The answer is simple. The McChronicles departed knowing that McDonald's is absolutely NOT the monolithic corporate behemoth that some accuse it of being. We are totally convinced that McDonald's is a wonderful collection of talented, capable, passionate, and fun people who care very much about their customers' experiences, their company, and their place in society.

During this event we interviewed, spoke with, and listened to people from a very wide range of roles and capacities, including: CEO, Vice President of Social Responsibility, Facility Engineers, Equipment Engineers, Chief Chef, Vice President of Beverage Strategy, Senior Media Relations Directors and Managers, Administrative Assistants, Crew, Store Managers, and more. We are convinced that such a large group of people simply can't fake sincerity, integrity, and passion in a way that we couldn't recognize. They're the real deal, and they ARE McDonald's.

The McChronicles can also share that these people are never satisfied. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their brand, to improve their business, and to delight their customers and employees. We fully expect McDonald's to accelerate their growth in product and concept development, leading to further enhancements of customer satisfaction.

This team knows they are not perfect - and they appreciate hearing both the good and the bad. The McChronicles was delighted to witness eager interest when we discussed issues and problems. Lest you think we've become a shill for McDonald's, rest assured that The McChronicles will continue to comment on opportunities for improvement - and we will continue calling out the good things, too. Mainly because we are a customer, and we experience McDonald's from OUR side of the counter. Now we know that McDonald's appreciates the feedback as well, and is eager to consider the customers' opinions. It's also clear that they aim to improve because of them.

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McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 3, Part 2)

This posting will wrap up The McChronicles experience at McDonald's International Media Days 2008. It was an incredibly rich 3 days of information, accessibility to people, and insight. Here is how it concluded.

After we departed McDonald's advertising agency, DDB, where we learned of the two latest corporate initiatives, we headed to the McDonald's 50th Anniversary Restaurant located at 600 N. Clark St., in Chicago. It is a pretty special restaurant on one hand as it is relatively large, super tidy, two-storied, double-drive-thru'd, McCafe'd, etc. - yet, on the other hand, it seems pretty normal with all the usual offerings, decor, etc. In other words, it was an exciting place in which to feel at home.

Our first move was to continue the official rollout of the new "1 minute to move it" (one minute to move it) campaign by joining a bunch of local elementary school children as they "moved" their minds, bodies, and souls by taking part in various activities (exercise, art, puzzles, games, challenges, etc.). Joining them was U.S. Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson (who spoke at the formal announcement ceremony at DDB). She is the perfect age to get the playfulness of the kids, to be full of curiosity herself, and to also understand the ramifications of "moving it" for 1 minute. Of course, her fame is also very valuable for the program. Anyway, she was fully immersed in the activities - no "star" issues here - and certainly appeared to enjoy it all.

The McChronicles thinks these rollout events are very valuable and would like to see them continue throughout 2009 (versus ending quickly). These examples and opportunities are a very helpful method of reminding us all that it is important to enrich ourselves. The question is ... is this McDonald's JOB to pay for this? We all know that it is NICE to be reminded about these valuable activities, but who owns the responsibility?

Even if McDonald's isn't responsible, it still may be a good way to keep us all visiting them. Interesting.

Our next move was to enjoy lunch. After sampling so many new and exotic McDonald's specialties during the week, The McChronicles settled into familiar territory by ordering a double cheeseburger. After the recent double cheeseburger value meal issue, we were surprised to learn that this special McDonald's has NO dollar value meal menu - and to pay $2.15 for the sandwich. That's a lot more than the $1.00 The McChronicles pays back home.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 3, Part 1)

This morning The McChronicles was at the offices of DDB, one of McDonald's advertising agencies, for two very special announcements - and for a very special surprise.

McDonald's Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Dillon
, introduced these items this morning:
  • a McDonald's tie-in to the Upcoming Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa movie, complete with a new slogan

  • new global McDonald's packaging - with an emphasis on the product

MADAGASCAR: Escape 2 Africa

Beyond the obvious technique of linking a (hopefully) popular movie with their product for promotional purposes, this move plans to use the movie's characters, as well as special events and information to help children move beyond pure physical well-being and add more fulfillment to their lives. At the heart of this effort is a new slogan: 1 minute to move it (one minute to move it).

The "move it" part addresses moving your body and getting some exercise, and also includes moving your mind, your spirit, and your sense of self. Children (and, presumably all of us) are encouraged to take a minute whenever we need it and move our brains, work on a puzzle, a project, or a hobby. We are encouraged to take 1 minute to contemplate what we think is fun, fulfilling, and rewarding. Here is a link to the McDonald's One Minute To Move It introductory video. The McChronicles thinks it is a very interesting concept and hopes it works.

Interestingly, the "I'm Lovin' It" campaign will not disappear.

The McChronicles asked Mary Dillon if the "1 Minute To Move It" (one minute to move it) rollout-type activities will continue throughout 2009 or if the activity will simply settle into ads and slogans (we didn't word it the way it sounds here - we were not snarky about it). Mary replied, "We are considering it." The McChronicles feels that seeing McDonald's actually "move it" throughout the campaign would be a great example for our children and hopes to see a long-term implementation of such activities.

The coolest part of this announcement: McDonald's brought in gold medal Olympian Shawn Johnson to encourage kids to take 1 minute to move it. That's her in the top picture - moving it as only she can while encouraging kids to follow her example. Very cool! PS: Shawn was very gracious and fun - just as we hoped she would be. She is truly a delight and an excellent choice for such a role.


According to Mary Dillon (image: as she delivered the info - standing in front of some over-sized examples of the new look), "This is the biggest packaging initiative in the history of our brand." That's big news for sure! She echoed a theme The McChronicles has heard all week when she said, "This packaging is all about 'simple, easy enjoyment' ".

The company cited the four major goals of this packaging:

  • move from "fast food" to "good food fast"
  • simple, easy enjoyment
  • build a strong relationship with customers
  • build a strong, modern brand identity
Examples of the packaging, as they will appear in various global areas, appear below. The actual materials of the packaging were previously upgraded to a more ecological mix, so the only change here is the graphics. The McChronicles likes the graphics as they feel crisp and fun. In addition, nutritional information is easy to find quickly. Also, look for a switch away from "lifestyle" imagery and for a much stronger emphasis on the actual product, its ingredients, and its nutritional information. The McChronicles thinks this looks good while moving health-related issues to the forefront.

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McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 2, Part 3)

Day 2 of McDonald's International Media Days was FULL of interesting information and insights. In the afternoon The McChronicles was able to meet with Chef Dan Coudreaut, Corporate Chef, USA, in his test kitchen.

Dan was accompanied by several vendor partners who (along with several other vendors) share in the development, testing, and inventiveness. Chef Dan stressed that creating new McDonald's menu items is a team effort. Some of the vendors were from Cargill (oils) and Sargento (cheeses). Chef Dan also made it clear that he enjoys "the discovery process" and that he is comfortable when he, occasionally, "doesn't know what he doesn't know".
Chef Dan says he often begins with input or direction from his teammates in Marketing. After all, it is they who usually know what customers want, or which ingredients and product families contribute to profitability, sales, or optimal inventory utilization.
Chef Dan took the opportunity to demonstrate a product development process, based on the Snack Wrap platform (check out the brief video clips of Chef Dan in action). He shared a basic design system, then introduced a huge table of potential ingredients. Wow! What choices.

The McChronicles asked Chef Dan if he had any "failures" that surprised him. He said he really thought the taco + quesadilla (tacodilla) concept would resonate with people in the USA. According to Chef Dan, "I loved it, but it tanked."

That's OK, Chef Dan. You've created plenty of winners.

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Images & Videos: The McChronicles.

McRib Update: A SPECIAL REPORT from The McChronicles While At McDonald's International Media Days 2008

The McChronicles receives numerous requests for information related to The McRib. People ask:

  • Where is the McRib?

  • Why is it back?

  • Where did it go?

  • Why does it come and go?

  • What the ...?

  • and, occasionally, "There IS a McRib?"

The McChronicles promised to seek the answers - and for this risky assignment we went straight to the top. Today The McChronicles held a face-to-face discussion with McDonald's Debra McDaniel, the Senior Director of U.S. Menu Management (pictured just seconds before she dealt with the McRib issue). This makes the second time that we consulted with Debra on the McRib in two days. Here is what she had to say:

  • "When we keep the McRib on the menu, orders eventually start falling off."

  • Bringing the McRib on and off the market is "the best way to deliver it in consistent high quality" under these conditions.

  • "Another example of a product that McDonald's 'pulses' on and off the market is the Shamrock Shake." (Deb came up with that one after thinking about the question overnight - and it is a great analogy.)

So, there you have it McRib fans, straight from the source. In essence, when the McRib is allowed to remain on the menu, orders drop and the product is not sustainable. When the product comes and goes, we go wild for it and buy it like it is going out of style (which it is - until Debra brings it back).

Know one thing, Debra is a passionate McDonald's employee who truly loves her products and how they please us all. The McChronicles has seen this firsthand. She's not jerking us around - in fact, it seems like we are messing with her. The McChronicles concludes that we have met the enemy and it is us. To resolve the McRib issue we need to consistently order more McRib sandwiches. Deb would like nothing better than to make it a permanent fixture on her menu.

This has been a SPECIAL REPORT from The McChronicles.

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Images: iRyanHD (poster), Debra McDaniel (The McChronicles)

McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 2, Part 2)

Next up on Day 2 of McDonald's International Media Days 2008 was Senior Director, U.S. Restaurant Design, Max Carmona who outlined the company's Green Building Strategy. And, if you think this is just about the building, you will be surprised.

But, speaking of buildings ... did you know?:

  • there are 14,000 McDonald's restaurants in the U.S.
  • there are 31,000 McDonald's restaurants in the world.
  • the concept of a "Green Restaurant" has been under development for years and is now already rolled out in the south side of Chicago.
  • Green Restaurants are under construction in France, Brazil, and Canada.

The bottom line of Max's assignment is to create a functional and environmentally progressive facility that "satisfies both the customers' perception and the crew's satisfaction".

Max outlined critical elements of his program, grouping them into four major categories:

  • water reduction
  • energy reduction
  • materials of construction
  • social equity

Then, Max delivered The McChronicles to the actual Green Restaurant, on the corner of 42nd and Ashland on Chicago's South Side (a community known as "Back Of The Yards"). There we were met by Doug Kimball (pictured) who provided an extremely detailed tour of this living laboratory. The tour started with two drawings of the facility, a site overview and a building detail.

The site and building exterior feature innovations including: LED signage that consumes tons less energy,permeable paving that allows rainwater to soak into the water table versus swamping the public drainage system, a cistern that collects storm water used to water the native vegetation - both on the ground and on the roof, skylights, and a heat recovery system. Trust The McChronicles - there is lots more.

Doug then headed indoors where he handed The McChronicles over to John Rockwell who pointed out features such as: low-flow plumbing features saving water per flush, LED lighting and a computerized system that measures natural light and adjusts artificial lighting accordingly, multiple recycling stations, and building materials (tables, chairs, divider walls, decorations, etc.) made from recycled materials such as milk and detergent containers, ceramic floor tile made from 40% pre-consumer waste material, and decor made using low-emitting materials.

Honestly, it was difficult to take it all in on the first pass.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 2, Part 1)

The McChronicles enjoyed an excellent Day 2 of McDonald's International Media Days 2008.

This morning started out with a presentation on McDonald's Strategic Beverage Initiative. Speaking was Mr. Lee Renz, Vice President of U.S. National Beverage Strategy (top image). Mr.Lenz stated that it is McDonald's goal to become, "a beverage destination". In addition to the company's carbonated and bottled beverages, and the shakes, coffees, etc., McDonald's is moving into latte's, espressos, frappes, and smoothies. These beverages will come to us from an increasing number of McCafes.

Now, there will be two distinct McCafe strategies. "Globally" a McCafe will include beverages and food - sometimes a restaurant in a restaurant, sometimes (as does already exist in places) a stand-alone. In the USA, a McCafe will be a beverage-only affair and will only be found within a McDonald's restaurant. This is said to be because corporate research strongly indicated that U.S. customers prefer beverage products only versus a beverage and pastry offering.

Renz went on to say:

  • "We are trying to develop a new brand underneath the McCafe umbrella."

  • "We focus on our customers, their desires, and their behavior when they visit us."

  • The goal is that, "all eligible restaurants are able to offer these products". (there are about 12,700 "eligible restaurants" in the U.S.)

The full rollout of the U.S. McCafe project will conclude near the end of 2010 and has already started. Renz added that McDonald's "has tons of great ideas" for the expansion of the project. It seems that this idea has a great chance of florishing beyond the current scheme

Later in the day The McChronicles sampled existing and prototype McCafe beverages. From hot chocolates, to caramel and coffee frappes, to smoothies - this product suite seems to have something for most everyone. The McChronicles does NOT like coffee, yet we found the caramel and coffee frappe very tasty - even with the distinct coffee flavor. Interesting!

The next event began when Bob Langert, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility (bottom image), took the stage. Bob started McDonald's Corporate Responsibility blog - a very meaningful tool for both reaching out to, and opening up to, the world. Do make the link.

Bob took this opportunity to announce the McDonald's 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report (being released later today). You can read the report using the link, so we will stick to Bob's presentation and discussion.

Bob continually emphasized "responsible food" and said, McDonald's wants to go beyond rhetoric and "bring corporate responsibility to life".

The McChronicles wants to thank Bob for taking the more difficult high road and continually making McDonald's activities more transparent while being a part of the team making McDonald's actions increasingly exemplary. For these (and other) efforts, "The Roberts Environmental Center at Claremont McKenna College has given McDonald's an A+ for the quality of our voluntary reporting on environmental and social issues. We are the only company in the food services sector to receive so high a grade."

The McChronicles' bottom line is, "Chronicling the McDonald's Brand Experience From The Customers' Point Of View", so, as customers, we really appreciate any and all efforts to make both our McDonald's dining experience, as well as our time here on Earth, a more enjoyable, responsible, and sustainable event.

More to come! Stay tuned.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 1, Part 2)

The second part of our first day of McDonald's International Media Days (see part of McDonald's International Media Days 2008) was much less formal and a lot more hands-on. And since it was getting to be about that time, The McChronicles is talking about hands on LUNCH!

Today's lunch was served in McDonald's ultra-top secret "Innovation Center". Seriously, this place has such limited access that many of ther McDonald's staff that accompanied The McChronicles into the facility expressed excitement that THEY were able to get inside. A tour of this detail, with the degree of openness that we experienced was said to be "unprecedented".

Now, while The McChronicles WAS hungry, it was still all about, "Chronicling the McDonald's Brand Experience From The Customers' Point Of View." Here's what we learned (in between bites and while touring the facility):

  1. There are some very tasty new foods in the pipeline.

  2. There are some very tasty foods in existence around the world that aren't in your region.

  3. There are some very sophisticated processes (and equipment) in place - and being put into place - to keep our meals tasty, consistent, and safe.

  4. There are some very cool ideas as to how to make our total experience faster and more accurate/rewarding.

  5. There are some very dedicated professionals working hard behind the scenes to make this all happen for us.


A discussion and demonstration and video of experimental equipment led up to the cool new products that were under consideration. While we didn't get to sample any of the "concepts" The McChronicles can report that all sorts of food products are being evaluated, from vegetables, to beverages, to traditional sandwiches made in new ways.

The McChronicles dove into a table full of food that can only be found in McDonald's around the world. As loyal readers know, The McChronicles travels extensively, but having such a variety of meals in one room at one time was special, even for this experienced traveller. We enjoyed the (sort of) previously-reported on Shaka Shaka Chicken (it was potato in our report from 2006). This version of the Japanese Shaka Shaka concept is a real winner. The concept is to receive an already tasty piece of chicken in a semi-sealed bag, insert your personal favorite selection of spices, shake it up (shaka shaka) and enjoy it. The McChronicles tried the lemon pepper spice and LOVED it, a lot.

Another of the several awesome regional products is THE CBO. CBO, from France, stands for Chicken, Bacon, Onions. With the proper garnishment, a slice of cheese, and sauce, this sandwich is awesome.

The McChronicles' favorite was the Canadian Angus Burger. All we can say is, Wow! The garlic mayonnaise is just right and adds the perfect flair to the basic large burger. Loyal readers will recognize, by studying the 3 photos of the Angus Burger, that McDonald's is using the "McPamper" concept suggested by The McChronicles in 2005. See the three photos at the top of this post. This sandwich, and others, can be silghtly unwieldy and juicy, and the extra support from the included piece of tissue paper really helps. Thanks, McDonald's.

There were others, but these were our highlights.

Fry lovers - occasionally disappointed by fries that are: undersalted, oversalted, undercooked, overcooked, too cold, cooked in less-than-perfect oil? Sure you are. The McChronicles witnessed a new machine called the LOV Fryer (low oil volume) that uses less oil and less energy while frequently filtering the oil (keeping it cleaner), using less oil so the oil can be changed more frequently, while automatically salting the fries with the proper distribution and volume. We sampled the machine's output - best McDonald's fries we ever tasted!

McDonald's demonstrated some new software the allows us, the customer, to place our own order (like we do when checking in at an airpoirt, for example) from a very intuitive, simple to use touch-screen menu. It not only is easy to find what you are looking for, change it, go back in mid-order and delete things, etc., but it also presents more choices than the traditional wall-mounted menu has space for. Curmudgeons and traditionalists may not like it, but anyone under 40 has been yearning for such control (and speed) for a long time now. Yeah!

The concept of a "McDonald's Engineer" is probably not in most of our heads, but such people do exist - and they are working hard to make our McDonald's experience better. The McChronicles had the opportunity to chat briefly with a few. Truth be told, they are almost geekily into automation, process excellence, pareto charting, focus grouping, video monitoring, and the like. Hey, we don't need them at our parties, we just appreciate the fact that they make our lunches more consistent, safer, and faster. The last photo is one we snapped while in the top secret Innovation Center. Stand down McChronicles legal counsel - we were granted permission for this long-distance shot.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.

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McDonald's International Media Days 2008 (Day 1, Part 1)

The McChronicles is currently participating in McDonald's International Media Days. This event (the 4th of it's kind in recent times) is being held in various cities near McDonald's global HQ (near Chicago, Illinois, USA).

While some participants are focused on corporate financials, and while McDonald's is focusing in a variety of messages this week, The McChronicles is here for one purpose: "Chronicling the McDonald's Brand Experience From The Customers' Point Of View."

Stop 1 on Day 1 was at McDonald's Hamburger University. According to Wikipedia, "This corporate university was designed to instruct personnel employed by McDonald's in the various aspects of the business. Over 70,000 managers have graduated from the institution and it has 30 resident professors."

The first event was a question and answer session with top McDonald's corporate executives: Jim Skinner: Vice Chairman and CEO; Ralph Alvarez: President and COO; Pete Bensen: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Don Thompson: President - McDonald's USA; Jose Armario: President - Canada & Latin America; Dave Garland: Vice President & CFO - Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa; and Denis Hennequin: President - McDonald's Europe. It was quite an opportunity to listen to their prepared remarks as well as their answers to the media's questions.

(image 2: Don Thompson, Pete Bensen, Ralph Alvarez, and Jim Skinner field questions).

Jim Skinner actually said quite a few things that made it clear he is focusing on the customer's point of view. Among them:

  • Our customers think of us as their local neighborhood restaurant.
  • The moment of truth: the moment we interact with our customer.

He also discussed his corporate program, called "Plan To Win" , which emphasizes people, product, place, price, and promotion. This theme came to the surface during other presentations throughout the day.

The McChronicles has learned, through interviewing restaurant managers, that offering "friendlier" service is a corporate priority. Therefore, it was interesting to hear those exact words from Ralph Alvarez when he said, "We are friendlier, faster, and more accurate than we were five years ago."

Pete Bensen, corporate number cruncher, was aligned when he commented that, "At McDonald's, the most important number is number 'one' (a reference to an earlier statement that the customer is number one). If we don't get these 'ones' right, all the other numbers don't matter."

And on it went. Don Thompson saying things like:

  • We are, "strengthening our focus on the customer."
  • We want, "friendly service and fast, accurate delivery every time."
So, The McChronicles probed and asked the panel to describe specifically HOW all these words will eventually reach us - the customer. The McChronicles mentioned that executives aren't the people grilling and serving. We wanted to know how the crew will get this message and, most importantly, how they will be empowered to do what they know is the proper thing.

Both Jim Skinner and Don Thompson did a good job of describing how information and education are being created to enable store owners and managers to educate, train, and coach their crew. Later in the day more info on this topic arose when The McChronicles saw how processes, software, and even equipment are designed and built to make the crews' efforts more effective - with the two-part goal of making their time with the customer warmer and more friendly AND enabling their activities to produce more consistent food faster.

More on Day 1 in the next post (off to dinner now).

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Double Cheeseburger Issue (part 3)

The McChronicles enjoyed yesterday's double cheeseburger so much that ... well ... you know.

Today The McChronicles and a friend stopped back in for more. And, we got to thinking. We wondered about the differences between what we were "sold" and what we actually received.

So, we ordered two sandwiches (Big Mac, double cheeseburger), snapped their pictures (as received), then went online to see what McDonald's are telling us they SHOULD look like (sold).

We're not going to tell you which is which.

What do you think?

McDonald's double cheeseburger, McDonald's Big Mac:
Other images: The McChronicles.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Double Cheeseburger Issue (part 2)

Fans of The McChronicles will recall vividly how The McChronicles discussed the "goings-on" related to the double cheeseburger. Here is more info.

McDonald's is reportedly experimenting with either removing the double cheeseburger from the dollar menu or cheapening it up by removing cheese, or discontinuing it. Prices (for some version of the above) are said to be ranging from $1.00 to $1.09 to $1.19.

Being in a "need to know" mode, The McChronicles drove to our home McDonald's, took a look at the menu and - BAM! There it was, double cheeseburger, $1. Just like always. Apparently, The McChronicles was not in a test zone.

New Hartford, NY (Route 5)
STORE #: 825
ORDER: Double cheeseburger, small fries, bottled water


The McChronicles purchased a double cheeseburger, a small order of fries, and enjoyed it - a lot.

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Image: The McChronicles.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double Cheeseburger Issue (part 1)

According to a comment posted at Netflix's MOVIE FANS site, and pointed to by a McChronicles commentor:

"you have to ask for a dbl hamburger with cheese to get the one for $1! If you ask for a dbl cheeseburger they charge you $1.19..."

Well, according to an article on
"In an interview, Don Thompson, president of McDonald's U.S. business, said the company has tested ways to make the burger less expensive to make. Some restaurants are selling it with one slice of cheese instead of two, and billing it as a "double hamburger with cheese." Others are offering a double hamburger without cheese. Some are selling the traditional double cheeseburger at prices ranging from $1.09 to $1.19."

Does anyone have a definitive comment or statement on this?

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Image: Nancy Luna's excellent Fast Food Maven. She covered this story months ahead of The McChronicles.

A Consistently Excellent McDonald's

Kudos to the Johnstown, NY McDonald's. It seems that every time the McChronicles drops by, things are in great shape.

LOCATION: Johnstown, NY (Route 30A, Pyramid Mall)
STORE #: 4858
ORDER: Quarter Pounder w/o cheese, bottled water

Previously they received accolades for their awesome presentation. Today they are going to receive praise for their cleanliness. The first impression, upon driving up to the store on a fine fall afternoon, was that the exterior was bright, clean, tidy, and very inviting. The building is in fine repair, and the landscaping is impeccable.

Once inside the restaurant ... just as expected: very clean. The McChronicles asked a crew member why the place was so clean. Her answer seemed perfect. Paraphrasing, she said something to the effect of: People like to know that their food is prepared in a clean place. This IS a clean place, the food is carefully prepared, and our cleanliness tells our customers all this as soon as they walk in.

Actually, The McChronicles could tell from across the parking lot. This place is very clean.

Congratulations, and thanks to the Johnstown, NY McDonald's team.

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Images: The McChronicles.

Monday, October 06, 2008

McChronicles Word Cloud

Wordle offers a cool tool that enables a person to create a word cloud based on a blog. So, The McChronicles went to work. Here is what we look like in a word cloud.

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Image: Screen grab from wordle.