Friday, November 04, 2005

McDonald's Gift Card

The McChronicles has been experimenting with/using the McDonald's gift card lately. We are all finding it easy to use - though the occasional new McDonald's crew member isn't too sure how to process it. According to the company's website, "McDonald's Cards are currently available in limited test markets."

In a previous experience/post, we had some difficulties with a transaction and an uncertainty as to how our card was debited. So, we used the toll-free number on our receipt to check the card's balance. The automated teller process was quick and easy, and we found that our balance was exactly proper.

So, why would a person want to tie up their money and purchase a card that can only be used at McDonald's? For the same reason that
debit cards are used, and more. Though debit cards have their drawbacks, these small cash amount cards are excellent for use as gifts and for making sure the money is used for food.

Our experience buying, using, and verifying the McDonald's gift card was excellent. Used properly, this card is an excellent tool.

Image: McChronicles


Raz said...

Hey, great stuff you have here! I have been following this blog for a while now. Just to let you know I have linked up to your blog from mine. Alright, I might soon start something for McD. If it materialized, I will definitely drop you a line! Keep up the food work!

Mcdonalds gift card balance said...

Thanks for sharing .