Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Day In The Life Of A McDonald's Manager

While reviewing all things McDonald's on the web we came across Steve Crescenzo's Corporate Hallucinations.

In this blog is a review of a conference regarding an internal McDonald's blog project. Several McDonald's executives were in attendance. In the "Lovin' It" post, Lisa Grover, a seminar attendee, comments and suggests, "What are the outside impressions of the company?" as a possible category for McDonald's to consider. The McChronicles is proud to say that we've been on top of that for a while now (not that we have it all sewn up or anything). We agree! Great idea.

Lisa goes on to suggest (as another category for the McDonald's internal blog), "A day in the life of a restaurant manager (or any person in the "trenches" - I'm sure it will be drastically different than the life of a corporate employee)". That's awesome!!!

The McChronicles hereby invites any and all McDonald's personnel (no matter what your position) to offer up YOUR story on our site. We have heard an occasional comment from a McDonald's employee in the past, but we want more.

Customers should hear your side of the story. But, remember, we don't want dirt, unsubstantiated claims, and other unprofessional comments. We are all professionals here - and the McChronicles is all about POSITIVE vibes and constructive criticisms.

So, feel free to comment away. This is your chance. And it's FREE! Just click on comments (below) and let it flow.



tiz said...

Hello. :)

I am a current McDonald's employee and came across this site through one of the mcdonald's communities I participate in on lievjournal. Of course, I use only post when I'm ranting, but sometimes, occassionally, I do have *some* nice things to say.

For the most part, if I could only get one and one thing ONLY across to would have to be that being nice gets you a long way as opposed to yelling at me and being rude. Sure, I am a lowly mcdonalds employee, but I'm also human, I will make errors, but I'll also apologize and do my best to fix it, just be kind, as I have feelings too.

I'm one of the few at my mcdonalds that's been there over a year. I've seen it all, heard it all, but you still never know what to expect each time you walk in the door.

Will it be busy today? Will someone curse at me today? Am I going to have a good today? Some of the things that run through the mind of a typical mcdonalds employee.

I wish everyone had to work at mcdonald's, the most popular fast food place ever, for at least once in their life. Then they'd really see how it is to work with the public. I think we'd all be just a little nicer to each other that way.

My favorite thing about working at McDonald's is how quickly I learned to work with people and strangers that I had never met before. I used to be this shy, quite, person that never talked and taking my first order ever was SO painful. I felt so silly standing behind the counter asking these random people questions. But I quickly got over it, I'm not half as shy as I used to be, adn some of the best friends I've ever had were employees I met at Mcdonald's. Of course I have my bad times, but I am honestly thankful and so glad to have had the chance to work there.

McDonalds is one of the biggest parts of my life. When I'm not there I'm thinking about it, talking about it, wondering who's working, if it's busy or not, if everyone is having an easier/better or busier/worse day than I did the night before, hehe. I try to get all of my friends to apply, if anyone mentions getting a job of course the first place I mention is mcdonalds.

Of course (hopefully) I'll graduate college in about two years to fulfill my dream of becoming a vet tech, but I'll never forget my good (& not so good) mcdonalds experience. Haha.

McChronicles said...

Please allow The McChronicles to repeat something from a previous post (inspired by Tiz's comment).


The McChronicles wrote: "To McDonald's crew members everywhere - Thank YOU for being there, for caring, for all the hassles you take by many, many rude customers. YOU are the HERO of this story. Please know that so many customers LOVE McDonald's and are so hopeful of the promised and expected experience. Keep up the great work - we really appreciate you!"

Here's to you, Tiz, and to all crew members worldwide.


S.Wilson said...

McDonald's launched an external blog last Friday, called ""Open for Discussion", a blog to share what is happening in the corporate social responsibility area at the company. It is being authored by Bob Langert, Sr. Director for Corporate Social Responsibility. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I love working for McDonald's. I love the people and I love the entire fast food concept. McDonald's really does care about the customers. Our golden rule is the customers always come first. I always try to picture myself as a customer and picture of what I would look for in a restaurant as a customer. Hospitality, sanitary enviroment, and high quality food in a speedy manner. This is what makes McDonald's a successful business.

McChronicles said...

Thanks, Randy. The McChronicles LOVES your attitude. You are the kind of manager that keeps us coming back.

PS: check out this posting for more on McDonald's managers:

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with the previous comment about customers remembering to treat employees with respect. I realize that you don't realize that I am a certified school teacher and that you have not concept of the sheer amount of orders not to mention customers we serve in an hour let alone for an entire day.

Do you realize that the goal for the number of cars to order in drive thru is 100 per hour that does not include the number of passengers in the car. Do you also realize that there is only one person who gathers the food for these cars. We serve thousands of customers every day. So, when we make a mistake, which we will, please treat us with some human dignity. Do not start off your conversation with "maybe you should make your employees pass a test" or maybe you should learn how to run a restaurant" these statements are not necesary. Oh and by the way McDonalds employees do have to take a test to get hired and trust me there are many of you who will not pass it.

I do not come to your job when you make a mistake and swear at you or throw things at you so please do not do so to me.

Also, take into consideration that there are alot of customers who lie and try to cheat their way to a free meal. I am more than willing to fix a mistake or refund money for food that you don't eat, but just like any other business if you consume the product don't expect me to give you your money back. You can't go to the grocery store, buy your food, take it home, eat it and then say oh i bought the wrong thing can i have my money back? It's the same at McDonald's. Because believe it or not sometimes you tell us what you want and it isn't what you want. You make mistakes too,but you want to blame it on us and expect it to come out our paychecks.

Every time we waste food, give refunds, etc. it ultimately comes out of our pockets in the way of less raises, benefits etc.

Remember their is no "free Lunch" not even at McDonalds.