Sunday, February 27, 2005

4-Stop Valley Tour

Stop #1: Ilion, NY

The McChronicles team took advantage of a sunny, warm February Sunday and toured what is known as "The Valley". "The Valley" is generally considered a subset of the Mohawk Valley and includes the communities along the Mohawk River, between Utica and St. Johnsville.

First stop, Ilion, NY.

Quality: Unacceptable (a very rare case where food was returned for replacement)
Service: Online Time - 0.50 minutes, Order Wait - 1.00 minutes (no one else online)
Cleanliness: floor unswept, several unclean tables
Theme: None

There was a kid's birthday party roaring in the Play Place - it brought back great memories for all of us. With plenty of staff standing around, we waited at the counter for 30 seconds before anyone would speak to us. It was really frustrating as it was obvious that 2 guys were chatting, two girls were chatting, and one girl was at the end of the counter flirting with some civilian guy (in street clothes).

When we got the food to our table, the hamburger was extremely overcooked (hard and black). As embarrassing and inconvenient as it is, we HAD to return it for replacement. This is almost never done by the McChronicles team, so it was a big deal to us. Imagine the hassle if we had a kid or two in high chairs!

After about 10 minutes of eating and enjoying the party, we picked up and left. You guessed it, the girl was still flirting with the dude at the counter. This is really unprofessional - we wondered if there was any adult supervision in the store. Unfortunately, it wasn't the most heinous employee crime of the day. Read on for that coverage.

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