Friday, February 18, 2005

Day 2: Free Chicken Selects

Washington Mills, NY McDonald's Posted by Hello

Online: 2.25 minutes Order Wait: 2.25 minutes Quality: Very Good

The McChronicles hit the Washington Mills McDonald's at 1:30PM today to look the store over and to see how Day 2 of the Free Chicken Selects program was playing out there. It was good.

The cramped line area was clearly the domain of the sample woman. She had the same set up as the girl did yesterday (in Yorkville) - but was much busier and had no time to talk. She was working it. When I (and a few others declined the sample) she offered a "buy 1 get 1"-type of coupon - nice.

The store feels cramped in the line/order area. The dining room is fine. The big "thing" about this store is that it has a Play Place - but not a typical version. This one looks more like a game arcade. Kids seem to love it.

Point of improvement: keep the floors clean.

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