Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sangertown Square Gets Around To It (eventually)

McChronicles File Photo

Quality: Very Good
Service: Online Time: 0.00 minutes, Order Wait: 2.00 minutes (for two hamburgers), McShuffled
Cleanliness: Good, a few of the napkin dispensers were empty (~1:20PM)
Theme: None (starting to feel like "Slow")

New Hartford's Sangertown Square McDonald's is so darn convenient that it's hard to NOT go there. Another benefit is that it has some of the greatest McDonald's employees the McChronicles has ever encountered. So, can anyone tell us why it takes so long to get served here?

AFTER any lunch rush (there was no one on line when we approached, and only one person showed up after we ordered) it took the team two minutes to muster two hamburgers. And, to top it off, the order taker didn't attempt a single bit of customer service, chat, explanation, etc.

We LOVE McDonald's, and it hurts so much to see the potential being squandered like this.

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