Saturday, February 12, 2005

Drive-Thru Experience

Online: 0.75 minutes Order Wait: 3.50 minutes Quality: Great

My high school son and I were out driving and we swung through the Route 5 New Hartford drive-thru. McDonald's is having the same "issue" repeatedly: it takes a really long time to deliver food after an order is placed.

Didn't they recently invest a huge amount of money to speed things up? Hasn't anyone considered planting a few 19-year-olds at Wendy's to figure out how they get my food ready before I have time to put my change in my pocket?

Working in front of an unsightly backdrop including a waste bin, a broom, packing supplies, a 5-gallon juice jug, and other paraphenalia, the young man who served our food was very polite, calling me "sir". Great kid. I like it when people are polite and respectful. I guess that most of us feel the same way (hint).

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