Friday, February 11, 2005

Utica's Old School McDonald's

Online: 0.00 minutes Order Wait: 2.50 minutes Quality: Perfect!
No one was on line when I entered - I was waited on immediately. I placed my simple order and had to wait for 2.5 minutes. Only two other customers ordered behind me. I wonder why it took so darn long?

Then the fun started. I self-served my soda and tried to grab a few napkins. The napkin dispenser was filled so full that the napkins were completely jammed. Every time I tried to pull one out, the dispenser drawer fell out and the napkin ripped. Next I tried to grab a cover for my drink. Not being an expert in McDonald's cup size nomenclature, I wasn't at all sure if I was holding a "12" or a "16/21" or a "32" or a "32 cold" cup. I imagine trained employees know the system, but I don't, so I tried a few tops until I found the proper size. I wondered who had handled my lid before I got there.

The floor was grubby (well after the lunch rush, ~2PM) and I had to step around an abandoned but full mop bucket as I navigated the dining room.

This site, on Utica's main drag, Genesee Street, just off the New York State Thruway exit 31, was really exciting when it opened. It looks like a '60s-era McDonald's and they've decorated it to the retro-hilt. In the summer there is even a faux old hot rod out front. A friend and I brought our families to the opening celebration. At the time we guessed that some of the shoddy decoration details (like using pushpins to temporarily hold the 45 records to the wall) were only temporary, due to the grand opening rush. After two years it appears that this place is just slightly shoddy. So darned close to awesome but it just misses. I will say that the neon signs, old chairs, tables, and other decor items are really cool. It is the most unique McD's in the region.

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