Thursday, February 03, 2005

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I was in Utica to review the state of readiness of the city's Val Bialas Recreation Area for the upcoming
Snowfari. I took the opportunity to drop by the South Utica, NY McDonald's on Genesee St. From the time I got on line to the time I was walking away was 2 minutes. Pretty good. Now, they do make you fill your own soda there, but that's not an issue. The workers were fairly nice, too.

The store was obviously "cleaned", but not quite clean. I agree that it is very hard to keep floors tidy during the winter - especially today when the temperatures are above freezing - mud and slush are tracked in by everyone. Still, I always appreciate a very tidy dining rom - and this was not quite there.

Two special notes:

  • 1) This McDonald's held its grand opening on my wife's birthday a few years back. The boys and I blindfolded her and took her to this special event. She thought she was getting something really awesome and was pretty disappointed to find that her surprise was dinner at the (then) world's newest McDonald's. It was a bad day at the time, but we laugh about it now (at least we boys laugh - she is still not quite OK with it).
  • 2) Utica is the home of New York State's 2nd largest winter festival, Snowfari. A fund raiser for the Utica Zoo, this day of fun and activities on the snow is a great celebration of the recreational paradise that is Central New York. 2005 is our 10th anniversary. If you can, you should visit Snowfari some year.

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Toby said...

Rick -

I too spent a special birthday at McD's. Of course I was about 5 yrs old!

Great Blog. Welcome to the blogosphere.