Saturday, February 19, 2005

Speed It Up Yorkville!

Online: 0.25 minutes Order Wait: 2.00 minutes Quality: Very Good

The McChronicles dropped in to the Yorkville, NY store for a quick lunch and to see how day 3 of the FREE Chicken Selects was going.

Chicken Selects (Day 3):
The same young lady from day 1 was on duty - still as chipper as ever. The food was great.

We remain extremely disappointed that it takes so long to purchase one hamburger. As we review our recent transaction history (and as we recall the previous experiences that inspired The McChronicles) it is this precise issue that disappoints. After today's order (one hamburger, one small Coke) was placed, we got McShuffled and had to wait 2 minutes - for a hamburger.

Point of Improvement: Fast food needs to be FAST.


jan-willem said...

What do you think the reason was for this log wait? No level? slow cashier/push out?

McChronicles said...

I was able to see the whole transaction (since there were few customers in the store). There were simply no finished hamburgers ready (it was 11:30AM). The cooks had to prepare it. As for why it took them so long, I don't know.

Thanks for asking.

jan-willem said...

I know McDonald's prepares it's burgers differently than we do at BK, but I suppose they would have a simular level system where burgers are prepared in advance based on a sales forecast for the next 30 minutes? Does McDonald's mark the holding times on it's Burgers in the US, so you as a customer can see when the burger was prepared?

McChronicles said...

I am certainly no expert on the behind-the-scenes activities (just a customer). I know they used to mark the food (time-stamp) though it was always just hand-written, to the best of my knowledge.

In the past several years this seems to have gone away. It has gotten to the point where there is so little inventory available that the wait staff (trying to get their customers served) have started acting like vultures and have begun grabbing items that are passed forward - even if it is for another person. I have witnessed more than one "argument" amongst the staff over whose order was being grabbed (nothing like finally being served a sandwich that was handled, poked at, peeked into, passed along, argued over, etc.

I hope that McDonald's productiviey experts can improve this.