Thursday, February 10, 2005

What's YOUR McDensity?

My wife and I set out to make a home-made map (see below). We were surprised with how long it took us to come up with all the restaurants in our area (we failed to consider those on the NYS Thruway, the McDonald's in Wal Mart, etc.). It turns out there are about 20 restaurants in our vicinity.

After all that brain-wracking we found that
McDonald's and MapPoint offer a tool to help you locate the McDonald's in a certain area. You just type in the locale and a map is made in seconds.

When we plugged our ZIP code into the MapPoint tool we were stunned to learn that there are 40 McDonald's within 50 miles of our house. Awesome!

Check out your McDensity (try to list them first - just for fun). If you can beat us, put your McDensity in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

78 mcd's in 50 miles