Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rome New York McDonald's Tour

The McChronicles spent 90 minutes on a whirlwind tour of Rome, NY's 3 McDonald's. Each store is unique in design as well as in experience. It seemed a great way to wrap up the FREE Chicken Selects give-away program. With a couple of teenage boys in tow (to help us evaluate things), we set out for adventure.

STOP 1: Rome, NY's Black River Boulevard McDonald's. Awesome interior!

Rome's Black River Boulevard (Route 46) earned top praise for its decor.

The sample girl was awesome! Very cheery. The decor was awesome, but the floor was quite dirty. One way we judge the floor is (in the slushy winter season) to look for wetness. If the floor is wet and muddy, it was juist tracked in. If the floor is dirty and dry, then it has had time to dry. This floor was dry - neglected. What a contrast to the incredible, library-like setting.

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