Friday, February 18, 2005


On the 15th (three days ago) the McChronicles was surprised to find McDonald's online feedback system broken down. Upon revisitation (today) the same results occurred. Granted, few people possess the same zealousness as we do, but isn't that the point? I'll try again - the average customer will just give up.

Maybe no one really cares about customer feedback. We hope not. After all, we're out here, we want McDonald's to be awesome, and we're offering up suggestions.

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McNoze said...

Funny (actually not so funny), I also tried to submit feedback to McDonalds and rec'd the same error message. I did a who is who search for the URL that returned the error message, which traced the URL/website to MCI ( where they had the clever marketing message "Enterprise Hosting, a degix service... Learn more about our secure, scalable, high-performing hosting solutions."

The email address associated with the MCI Degix URL is that of Michael Kozlowski, you can reach him at Seems that Mike has not been super-sized, but down-sized and McDonald's feedback loop has become highly unstable.

But just the same, when time is not on my side and I'm hungry, McDonalds IS THERE, just like a WalMart store. So you look over your shoulder (to see if someone you know is looking... good they are not) and you duck into the golden arches to get your fill :-) :-( :-) :-) :-( You pull out of the store, but then "Oh no!" its a red light, hide the McDonalds bag just in case someone looks into your car, can't have them think I've been eating a fast food burger, oh but its cheap, fast... and my hunger subsides and I'm back to the rat race in no time at all. Even with the McShuffle included (at no extra charge), I've gotten a head with the help of Ronald McDonald and all is good in my world. All as I say to myself, "Just don't make this a habit and lets throw out the packaging before someone see I stop at McD's"....