Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The McChronicles Are NOT Lovin' It

Online: 2.00 minutes Order Wait: 0.75 minutes Quality: Very Good

The Yorkville, NY (Route 5A) McDonald's is, in my opinion, the worst of the Utica-area restaurants. It epitomizes much of what breaks my heart about McD's. And that is the topic of today's McChronicles.

  • Issue #1: With only one person in line in front of me, I still had to wait 2 minutes to place my order. I wondered why they wouldn't open a second register, but not for long.
  • Issue #2: Someone in the back yelled forward, inquiring about the whereabouts of the person missing from register duty. The woman running the sole register yelled back that the girl was in the bathroom. She added that she hoped she hadn't fallen in. Now, I'm really hungry! And in the mood.
  • Issue #3: Front end people felt they had to yell, "Helloooo!" to the people in the back to get their attention.
  • Issue #4: After I sat down, I watched as 6 people backed up at the lone register while two front end people debated some topic - while not moving things along. What a show!
  • Issue #5: A trainee was following an employee around "learning" how to wipe down tables. With their backsides inches from my face I had to endure the lame explanation of how to properly wipe a table top. Free Advice: Don't hire people who don't already know how to wield a dish cloth. Oh yes, and please don't put your backside in my face while I am trying to eat.

The order came up fast and the food was great. And the whole experience was quite poor.

Special Note: This site has a great PlayPlace. It looks very clean and seems to be busy every time I go there.

During this visit, the dining room was cleaner than usual. A trend in my McCommunity lately.

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