Thursday, February 17, 2005

Free Chicken Selects Program

Online: -0.00 minutes (wow!) Order Wait: 0.00 minutes Quality: Great!

Today was the first day of McDonald's FREE Chicken Selects give-away. We were very interested to see how it was going to play out (and how the product tastes since I had never tasted it before).

We dropped by the Yorkville, NY restaurant and entered the store wondering just how this was all going to go down. Would we have to BEG for the free sample? Would the workers know of the program? Would we have to buy something to get something for free?

As we opened the door, even before one foot hit the floor, we were greeted by an awesomely-friendly young lady who said, "Welcome to McDonald's, sir. Would you like to try a free Chicken Selects?" She was holding a tray of chicken (in small packets) and a full assortment of dipping sauces. We were stunned! This was incredible. We really loved the whole scenario - and it got better.

We sat right next to where she was standing and she started casually telling us things about the product. For example, she told us what it was made from, and about the various ways we could purchase a regular order - even offering the prices from a hand-written sheet she had prepared.

We asked her a few questions and she said she was the only person "on duty" giving the samples, so she knew that everyone who tried them really liked them. She seemed proud. What a great ambassador!

We will try to check into another restaurant tomorrow and see how they compare.

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