Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ronald McDonald vs. The Burger King

The McChronicles cracks up every time we view the newNFL football Burger King commercials. (view burger king football commercial 1, view burger king football commercial 2)

We were tipped off to these online video clips by our great friends at The guys at that fast food site are always on top of awesome new events.

Anyway, the Burger King has been appearing in commercials lately. Frankly, The McChronicles felt he had been looking a bit dopey as he stared blankly, never speaking. In contrast, Ronald McDonald has always been quite active, though he leaves a fun yet sterile, too-careful kind of feeling. Perhaps that comes with his 2003-acquired
"C"-Level title.

Recently, Ronald has re-emerged as a healthy, hip, athletic dude (retaining the too-careful edge). And the Burger King has now exploded onto the scene as a devil-may-care, super athlete who makes things happen in the NFL - the big leagues.

Yes, Ronald's new active lifestyle has him
rubbing elbows with some pretty hip cats, but is he being overshadowed by the dashing and successful Burger King? We shudder to think what might happen if Ronald was playing defensive back versus the new King.

Perhaps McDonald's should consider taking a little risk, having some fun, and training Ronald up to Major League level so he can regain the top position in the fast food empire.

UPDATE 04 October 2005: See our newer posting on a suggested McDonald's NFL ad, in answer to the Burger King NFL TV ad.

Image: Gene

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