Monday, September 19, 2005

The McPamper

OK, so it is great to LOOK at a fresh, new Big Mac (previous post). But EATING a Big Mac is a different story.

This unwieldy sandwich is prone to spill-out and ooze-out its ingredients during an eating session. The packaging, which , we suspect, is the main reason the sandwich looks so good so often, is simply unable to help hold the sandwich together during eating.

A team of McChronicles researchers offers this time-proven technique to tame this beast quite successfuly. Ladies and gentlemen, we offer you The McPamper:

1) open the box

2) lay a clean, half-opened napkin onto the sandwich (half-on and half-off the top bun)

3) lift and invert the whole affair, box and all (while cradled in both hands - top & bottom)

4) lift the box off the top of the whole affair, set the box back down onto the tray for later use

5) lay the excess of the napkin over the top of the sandwich

6) grip/contain the contents with the napkin covering

7) tip the Big Mac back on its side to dump the few loose, straggling items into the box

8) tip the now-pampered sandwich so the sesame seed bun is back on top

9) dig in

Most oozing, drippage, and droppage is contained (allowing for full ingredient delivery), the sandwich remains organized and intact, and clothes stay neat, with no embarassing staining.

We can't promise that this is good for use in the pool, but we do encourage you to check it out.

Can we get some feedback on this one?

All Images: McChronicles


allison said...

i've never had a big mac.......i know i know. people get on me all the time. :-)

Dee said...

LOL, I've never CALLED it a McPamper, but I have definitely used one. I've made them for all burgers for years. Another good tip is to fold the sides in, so as to keep the burger from sliding left and right at the same time as you bite, thus giving you ultimate burger control.

;) Smooches,