Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Early Lunch

How many times has a person gone into a McDonald's, hoping for an early lunch, only to find that lunch won't be served for another 15 minutes? If this sounds familiar rest assured, The McChronicles feels your pain.

So you can imagine how pleased we were when it was reported that the New Hartford, NY store is now serving lunch starting at 10:30AM instead of 11:00AM. That's right, a simple, home computer-generated sign addressed "to all our loyal customers" made the announcement this week.

We know that it is important not to mix breakfast cooking with lunch cooking, but we've had the untimely urge for an early burger more than a few times. And isn't 10:45 a little late for breakfast? Great move New Hartford. We love it.

We wonder if this is a one-store event, or if it is a corporate-wide change. Please let us know if you are seeing this change in your favorite McDonald's.


Anonymous said...

I am quite the opposite, many of the McDonald's near me have lunch at 10:30 which seems way too early for lunch. I wish they would extend breakfast until at least 11.

Scotty B said...

I wish breakfast was extended. It would be so nice to get a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit after a friday night bender on Saturday afternoon.

McChronicles said...

Awesome feedback. Thanks for the comments.