Monday, September 12, 2005

Forever Young

McDonald's reimaging campaign, an attempt to keep their stores fresh and relevant, seems to be in high gear. The McChronicles have noted numerous campaigns to remodel and to rebuild "tired" stores.

According to a report on, "Most of them (new stores) are smaller and offer a host of unexpected amenities like wireless Internet access, flat screen televisions and meeting rooms. They tend to feature a more modern atmosphere with upholstered furniture, leather couches, high-topped tables and stools. Some even boast fireplaces."

230 of Michigan's 550 McDonald's are slated for reimaging by th end of next year. The article goes on to report, "More than half of McDonald's locations now offer wireless Internet access".

One rebuilt store manager, in Michigan, reports "I am getting not just families anymore," ... "Now I'm seeing people in suits who are coming here instead of the library or Starbucks."

According to a story on the website, "A new McDonald's restaurant is about to open in the Roanoke Valley. While that isn't news, what the place now looks like is". In addition to the, fireplaces, big screen tvs, video game center, wood paneling, paintings, and light fixtures, the big expected upgrade is in service. Read more.

And it's the same in Lakeland, Florida, as it is in Payson, Arizona, as it is in Charlestown, West Virginia, as it is in South Glens Falls, New York. On and on it goes. Look for a reimaged McDonald's in your area. The McChronicles has seen many and they are really great.

Top Image: McDonald's Netherlands website

Bottom Image: website


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