Friday, September 16, 2005

Big Macs Look Great

Loyal readers will note a few previous posts that include references to the neat, trim, and tidy appearance of Big Macs. This has become a consistent theme during the McChronicles visits.

We hypothesize (never having worked in a McDonald's) that this may be due to the package that the sandwich is built in. We guess that it makes it easier to contain the relatively complex set of ingredients.

The bottom line is that we consistently receive Big Macs that look awesome - worldwide - every time. This is a much better track record than the paper-wrapped hamburgers and cheeseburgers (that frequently look like they've been prepared in haste).

A tip of the hat to the designer of this system and a big THANKS to the crew that puts them together for us to enjoy.

Images: McChronicles


Andrew said...

It's been a few years since I have worked in a McDonalds -- close to twenty now that I think about it. Wow! Where does the time go. Anyways, they didn't at the time, and likely still do not "build" the BigMac in the container that becomes it's home. One thing McDonalds does extremely well is to create, enforce and maintain standards. And one of the ways they do that is by making it easy, even for a monkey, to do the work necessary to run a McDonalds. That's not to say the work doesn't get hard. But it would be a lot harder if McD's didn't do such a good job of creating, maintaing procedures. So, the BigMac involves a three piece bun, two beef patties (same as the ones on the hamburgers), and two (??) slices of cheese ... etc. The burgers cook on the grill (open or clam-shell); the buns toast in a special toaster for BigMac buns and they are built on a table directly behind the grill. Oh ... and did you know that the onions on the BigMac are re-hydrated onions that come shipped dry in a bag and are soaked in water to make them come alive? Anyways ... BigMacs are glorious. I probably have overstayed my welcome.


McChronicles said...

Thanks, Andrew. The McChronicles values your expertise and enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

You should research a bit more just exactly what you are eating...! Big Macs are anything but glorious and McDonald's food is poison. It is cancer-causing and extremely, extremely unhealthy... honestly do yourself and your readers a favor and publish the truth about fast food. And catch the flick 'SuperSize Me' if you have a chance... it may open your eyes a bit as to what you're doing when you consume McTrash.

McChronicles said...

A diet of predominantly healthy foods has always been good advice. The occasional indulgence seems to pose little problem.

It is The McChronicles' opinion that most people are aware of the quality and qualities of various food options.

Thank you for your concern.

Andrew said...

To the anonymous coward,

You should get a dictionary and look up the word 'glorious.' It has several meanings, one of which is 'famous.' I have seen Super Size Me. I rarely eat McDonalds. Many, many things are unhealthy when abused.

Anonymous said...

As an official big-mac maker -ahem-, i say that it has ONE piece of cheese, is made in the box in a sort of assembly line way, and is made of GRADE D beef. i didn't even know that existed. but feel a little better, because taco bell uses GRADE E, or barely consumable beef.

kitten said...

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