Saturday, September 10, 2005

Open House

The McChronicles notes a very unusual event going on this weekend in Shanghai, China. Several McDonald's are staging an "open house" and taking customers behind the scenes - behind the counter, and into the kitchen.

Applications appear at restaurants. They must be completed and approved prior to the big day. An applicant for the event must declare several things, including one's good health.

We also noted very slick TV commercials promoting the event. The spokesperson in the ads is an executive-looking older gentleman. He puts a lot of effort into indicating that people wil be impressed with the cleanliness, professionalism, and quality of McDonald's.

The McChronicles guesses (and this could be unfair of us to speculate) that these ads, seemingly aimed at parents, and the open house event itself, are intended to counter any possible negative feelings about McDonald's. Parents may be reluctant to let their kids hang out and eat at a place that they have misgivings about.

So, if you're in Shanghai over the weekend, like this little guy, carve out some time, fill out an application, and take the tour.

Images: McChronicles

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Sam Flemming said...

One of the main reasons for the open kitchen was to counter negative fall out in Chinese press regarding recent acrylamide issue. (