Saturday, September 24, 2005

McChronicles Around The World

This is a site activity map for the McChronicles. Each dot represents the location of each of our last 100 visitors.

Our records indicate that visitors come to The McChronicles from virtually every country on Earth.
We've hosted visitors from Japan, Mexico, Slovenia, China, South Africa, Lithuania, Tasmania, Mongolia, Chile, The United States, Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, Qatar, Venezuela, Indonesia, Morocco ... on and on it goes. We thank you all for your time, your comments, and your positive energy.

To everyone who spends time here (even for just a second), WELCOME. No matter what language you speak, or which country you are from, let's share our appreciation and enjoyment of a nice McDonald's experience and continue offering up ideas for continued improvement.

1 comment:

Vincent said...

Hello :) i check your website on regular base. keep up the good work.