Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hit The Spot

The McChronicles was passing through Newark (EWR) airport with a few minutes to spare. As usual, this was also accompanied by a hankerin' for a bite to eat. Positioned exactly where it was needed was a really nice food court, featuring - you guessed it - a McDonald's restaurant.

This restaurant sits nicely in the middle of a spacious, clean open area between terminal wings - and right in a very nice food court. The golden arches and a large "Ronald" tip you off that a McDonald's is available long before you can look into the court.

The service was nowhere near as
fast or as fun as the Chicago (ORD) restaurant (posted earlier). The staff just didn't seem to have the vibrant personality you find in ORD. One of the McChronicles' sandwiches was taking way too long. The manager informed us that there was trouble with the bread machine (toasting). After 4 minutes the food arrived in great shape.

The dining environment at EWR is pretty nice - and it was right across the hall from our next gate. Overall, we liked it.

Images: McChronicles

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Anonymous said...

We went to this McDonalds during our stay in NYC. The food took ages to arrive! - Never had to wait so long! - From L, Birmingham, UK