Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Toasted Rice Burgers

According to a recent report in the Taipei Times, "McDonald's Restaurants (Taiwan) Co yesterday celebrated sales of its home-grown rice burgers, which topped 5 million units six months after hitting the market, saying the local taste may be available in McDonald's worldwide soon."

The article goes on to quote Shalom Chen (陳家祥), Senior Manager at the Communications Division of McDonald's Taiwan as saying "The fast-food chain started offering two types of toasted rice burgers, with a choice of either chicken or beef sandwiched between rice buns, in February this year. The items soon became one of the firm's best-sellers with a fresh taste."

With the double-whammy of good nutrition and Asian appeal, these products are being celebrated by the company. McDonald's chief executive officer for Asia-Pacific is said to have introduced the rice burgers at a Wall Street McDonald's Analyst Meeting recently.

Keep your eyes open for this possible new choice sometime soon.

Image: Taipei Times

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