Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Mind-Bendingly Curious"?

According to The Basement, "Sometimes a blog comes along that is so mind-bendingly curious, that you just have to mention it. Today, that blog is McChronicles - Chronicling the McDonald's Brand Experience. This is a very interesting – and seemingly independent – look at the McDonalds brand. If you have customers like this guy – you should listen." Yes, we ARE independent. And we appreciate the kind words.

BuzzMachine has posted this comment from a reader, "The most interesting “corporate sheppard” blog I’ve seen lately was for McDonalds called The McChronicles. It’s a wonderful, if not odd, blog. " Thank you for the compliment.

And The McChronicles has been dubbed, "a customer evangelist" on the American Marketing Association's website. Yes, we really appreciate, and care about, McDonald's - from the customer point of view.


Matt Galloway said...

In the interest of full disclosure - I wrote both the post on The Basement (my blog) AND the comment on BuzzMachine - but it's only because your blog is so damn compelling. Still both quotes are from the same guy - me. That said, another Tulsa blogger (one who read much more than I) Micheal Bates read my post and also posted about the McChronicles here.

A sight like McChonicles really gives cause to stop and examine our connection with brands that we might otherwise take for granted. There is a lot of talk about WOM in the marketing world, the McChronicle site shows just how committed and focused consumers can be.

Well done.

Matt Galloway
The Basement

McChronicles said...

Thank you very much for the disclosure. The TRUTH is critical.

The McChronicles strives to be fair, honest, and objective (despite the fact that we LOVE McDonald's). So we really want to present information fairly.

You are a true professional - and we appreciate you.

The McChronicles

Toby said...

Rick - actually pretty cool that Matt posted about McChronicles on 2 different blogs. It's been fun to watch as you develop the blog and that it has gotten sort of a cult following.