Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"My First" Ad Campaign

McDonald's has just announced a new ad campaign, named "My First". In a press release dated today, the campaign is touted as featuring people whose first jobs were at McDonald's.

The "stars" of the ads are international over-achievers, such as Carl Lewis, Macy Gray, and Ivan Renema. They're not all famous, but they are all excellent at what they do.

According to Larry Light, McDonald’s executive vice president and global chief marketing officer, “McDonald’s has revitalized the brand with two key strategies – leadership marketing and operational excellence,” said Light. “My First brings both strategies to life, because this campaign is intended to inspire our employees, attract new ones and show our customers that if you begin your career at McDonald’s, the sky is the limit.”

The McChronicles agrees that the McDonald's brand has been revitalized of late, and the "My First" campaign is another step in the right direction - especially if it reaches the stated goal of strengthening McDonald's commitment to its people. The McChronicles feels that the biggest moment in the brand experience occurs at the point of sale. Therefore, the company needs to make the crew members feel great, and it needs to inspire them all to greatness.

Best wishes on this. As consumers, we are all happy to receive a great experience with every visit.

Image: McDonald's Website

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