Tuesday, November 08, 2005

To Improve McDonald's Customer Satisfaction ...

The McChronicles received this comment to a posting today, "As a Manager for quite sometime now, I really believe that we are not given the best resources to give 100 percent total customer satisfaction as we once did. The ops managers are more concerned about labor costs than service times and quality of a customers visit. "

As consumers, and as people who are very interested in seeing McDonald's attain greatness, we wonder what could be done to empower the crew to deliver great customer satisfaction. What do you crew members out there think? Remember, the company needs to make a profit, it couldn't exist otherwise, so keep your suggestions practical.

Let us know what your expertise tells you.


Anonymous said...

As a recent training manager I have to agree with you 100%. Much more emphasis is placed on keeping labor low- and turn over in both managment and crew seems to be higher in response as both are stressed with more responsibilities and fewer resources.
The low labor numbers are a response to the increasing min wage requirements to be paid out. In essence the customer is getting what they pay for since raising prices is not the easy way out.

Further, with the technology making tracking service times a fine art, the manipulation of those service times has become the new pastime and is not indicative of actual service times. Restuarants are effectively cutting their own throats if they put too much emphasis on "good" service times.

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