Monday, November 21, 2005

Awesome McDonald's Commercial

Go ahead and name a cool McDonald's commercial that you've seen lately.

Yeah, us neither. The McChronicles gang thought about it for a while, then, when stumped, turned to the internet. It seems that the last really great ad from McDonald's was way back in 1993. The ad, called "Showdown", pits Michael Jordan against Larry Bird in an outlandish game of "HORSE" (or "PIG", depends on where you come from, or how much time you've got). Videolink compliments of our good friends at FastFoodWebLog (you should check these guys out).

Another great McDonald's commercial is the 1971 "Clean Up". It is said that this ad spawned the "You deserve a break today" jingle. The photo above is from that award-winner. No video link. Anyone?

We even unearthed a 2002 USA Today review of McDonald's that offered this tip, "For decades, McDonald's was almost as widely recognized for its advertising as for its food. In fact, some say the image created by the chain's early ad campaigns — "You deserve a break today" — helped establish the image of McDonald's as a place that is clean, wholesome and special. Its current slogan, "We love to see you smile," has little direct connection to the food, Hickok complains. It is rare, he says, for a fast-food campaign to be successful when it doesn't focus on the food. "

It's time to bust one loose!

Image: AdAge Website

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jan-willem said...$@$Bowl$@$27$@$commercial$@$1993$@$McDonalds$@$Jordan$@$vs$@$Bird&hitboxMLC=entertainment

MDfan001 said...

I was thinking another great McDonalds add was the old 70's Big Mac add To this day I can name every thing on a Big Mac thanks to that jingle "Two all beef pattys, speical sauce, lettuce, cheese pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

25-30 years old and I can still recall the jingle they got their moneys worth out of that add.

In this age of Retro Adds it would be so cool to see then bring that add back and the Big Mac Backpack you got if you could say the whole jingle fast enough.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the 1971 commercial

Nikolas said...

hey, im looking for a mcdonalds commercial from the 90's probably 1992-1994? that had a bunch of teenagers hanging out after school at a mcdonalds. they general feel of it is just a bunch of kids having a good time. can anybody help me figure out where to see it?? thanks a lot.
email me at

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a McDonalds commercial that aired in the 80' was a little girl playing the piano at a recital....Can anyone help me find it??

Anonymous said...

I dont have the commercial with the little girl, but I remember it.. "Oh I wish I was already there, instead of here, playing this song, I would have a chocolate shake, a cheeseburger, and also -oops- and also fries. And I would have them all to myself and not give any to my big brother...oh I wish I was already there, instead of here, playing this song, I would have a chocolate shake, a cheeseburger and also -oops- and also fries.

But I wish I had the words to the one where they go through the menu, big mac, a blt, a quater-punder with cheese, etc.

Anonymous said...

do you mean "big mac, filet o fish, quarter-pounder, french fries, icy coke, thick shake, sundaes, and apple pies!"

C*rri*e said...

hi, i'm looking for a really old one here from back in the 80s! Featuring 3 Hotcakes dancing and singing in the morning.. The lyrics go something like "If you wake up, to the happy sound, yada-yada-ya, yada-ya-ya-ya! The rockin' hotcakes are coming to town..." Real cool tvc, no guesses where my parents were dragged to for breakfast for a while... anyone here knows where I can find that? Jingle or video will be equally cool!

Anonymous said...

Info for the person looking for the little girl at the piano recital commercial, i have had that commercial stuck in my head everytime i hear that song but i have found the video on utube it totally brings back the memories.

rockellea said...

I am looking for this commercial from I think the mid 1990's. It was a montage of a bunch of people and the person that stands out the best was this old man that was dancing. He was twirling his one lower leg, it looked like his knee was on a hinge! I looked on youtube but I think it is hopeless. If anyone can remember the song that was playing in this paticular commercial would help out alot!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find a commercial with a little girl in the backseat of a car. She's talking nonstop until they get her a shake, then it's quiet. I think it's from the 90"s? Can anyone help?

Harmony said...

i would like to find the commercial from the 90's starring Arthur Duncan. In the commercial he was tap dancing.